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About Us

Insulating a Legacy of Excellence

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Our Mission

Insulating a Legacy of Excellence

Our Vision

To expand our open shop legacy by remaining committed to safety, quality, and relationships while pursuing profitable areas of opportunity.

Our Values

Merit Shop Philosophy

Culture of Safety

Integrity Always

Quality Service

Community Involvement

About Us

Since 1999

Thermaltech, Inc. was established in 1999 with the goal to naturally grow our business and provide our customers with quality, low-cost efficient products and services safely. We focus on insulation of HVAC piping, equipment, ductwork, and plumbing in commercial and industrial settings with specially trained employees who are highly motivated, respectful, and whose standards make for a quality finished product. Thermaltech, Inc. is a Woman Based Enterprise Certified Business ("WBE"), determined to make the company the best choice for customers and a great career for our employees. We have grown substantially since 1999 and will continue to grow with the increasing demand for quality mechanical insulation. We have crews that serve the Kansas City and Central Missouri Regions. 



Our Locations

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