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Safety & Training

ThermalTech, inc. strives to create a culture of continuous education through a person’s career. We believe in cultivating an employee from the very beginning to build a long-standing relationship of trust and development. We recognize that the environment we work in is not static but dynamic and our team must continue to evolve to meet both customer drive and career development needs. In order to hold true to Thermaltech’s vision expanding the open shop legacy by remaining committed to safety, quality, and relationships, we encourage personnel to take advantage of numerous training and development opportunities.

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Apprenticeship Program

It is the intention of Thermaltech, Inc. to provide for the development of fully training and competent skilled employees through a registered Apprenticeship Program. We believe the program enables our team to recruit, build, and retain a highly skilled workforce to better meet the needs of our customers and drive career growth for the employee. Through the standards set within the Apprenticeship program, we provide a comprehensive checklist of related instruction and on-the-job learning (“OJL”) requirements to be achieved over 8,000 workhours to progress from Apprentice to Journeyman.

Safety. Think it. Live it.

Thermaltech, Inc.'s primary objective is to provide a culture of safety that always ensures the safety of our employees first and foremost. At the time of hire, employees are required to have completed the OSHA 10-hour program. Our field supervision is required to have completed the OSHA 30-hour program. All employees complete a Job Hazard Analysis (“JHA”) Every Day, for Every Task, Every Time. Working safely is not only our right, but our obligation.


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